What Makes Clean 3X Different?

Clean 3X is a knowledge based and solution-oriented independent manufacturer of very effective cleaning equipment for the food processing and beverage industries.

We are recognized as subject matter experts within process cleaning & sanitization and are renowned for targeting and solving your cleaning tasks & issues – using process know-how, science and facts.

Clean 3X equipment is designed for effective, fast and lean cleaning – using all available TACCT parameters – and will outperform your traditional (highly ineffective, resource-demanding and wasteful) cleaning equipment.

Clean 3X Products:

  • Improve product quality, food safety and hygiene
  • Reduce cleaning time
  • Generate less waste
  • Improves working environment & operator safety

Reduce Resource Consumption

  • 25-40 % less water
  • 40 % less energy
  • 40 % less chemicals

About McFlusion

Clean 3X is part of the McFlusion Group that provides process cleaning (CIP/COP), sanitization and sterilization (SIP) equipment to the highly regulated life science and pharmaceutical industries.

The McFlusion Group has companies in Canada, USA and Denmark as well as installations all over the world.

The McFlusion Group has – over the years – become recognized as subject matter experts within the process areas of cleaning, sanitization and sterilization.

It is the same knowledge and solution based approach that is the core of Clean 3X.

Visit www.mcflusion.com to learn more…

Clean 3X

Our cleaning solutions will improve your product quality, food safety and hygiene, while reducing your downtime and operational cost