With years of experience in the highly regulated life science and pharmaceuticals industries, Clean 3X is bringing their process expertise and elite line of cleaning, sanitization, and sterilization equipment to the cannabis industry.

Custom designed to achieve product purity, production efficiency and safety!

Whether you are looking to clean process equipment, including dryers, irrigation systems, extraction filter presses, trays and pans, or other cannabis producing systems, we can assist you with all of your process equipment and facility cleaning needs.

At Clean 3X we have several cleaning units, each with their own unique cleaning power. Having customers in the growing cannabis industry, we know that no two operations are the same. That’s why we offer custom cleaning solutions. Our industry experts will assess your facility and equipment and determine the cleaning system that is right for you.

Open Plant Cleaners

Automated Single Pass

Cleaning in Place

Successful cannabis producers know that eliminating contaminants and impurities, achieving the right terpene profile and cannabinoid concentration begins and ends with effective cleaning processes.

Our value lies in our knowledge-based and solution-oriented manufacturing of highly effective cleaning equipment. Cleaning is at the core of what we do and being able to provide a superior quality product with low maintenance to our customers is what we’re passionate about.